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5 May 2004

Christchurch is facing an incredibly busy winter. More than 250 events involving more than 100,000 people are being held at the Christchurch Convention Centre, Town Hall and Westpac Centre in the period May - October. It will have a positive impact on accommodation, transport providers, restaurants, retail and entertainment, and tourism activity.

Conferences range in size from to 80 - 1000 delegates. Several trade expos, trade shows and exhibitions are being held, including two major shows with global buyers: TRENZ in May catering for tourism buyers, and MEETINGS in July, providing for the meetings industry buyers.

Awards ceremonies include Sport Canterbury Awards and Motor Sport Awards. Sports fixtures include Canterbury Rams, Canterbury Flames, Christchurch City Marathon, Netball New Zealand (30 June) and the Tall Blacks (10 July).

The largest events month by month are:

May TRENZ, est. 1500 people, (Convention Centre & Westpac Centre)
June Christchurch Star Home Show, est. 10,000 people (Westpac Centre)
July Tall Blacks Vs Australia, est. 3500 people (Westpac Centre) Business Opportunities & Franchise Expo, est.3000 people (Convention Centre)
August NZ Parent & Child Show, est.8000 people (Westpac Centre)
September South Island Gift Fair, est. 5000 people (Westpac Centre) and Auto Salon, estimated 5000 people (Westpac Centre)
October World Media Home Show, est.10,000 people (Westpac Centre)

Major international touring acts include:

Royal Scotts dragoon Guards, 9 May
Bee Gees Tribute, 25 May
Sarah McLachlan, 4 June
Daniel O'Donnell, 12 June
The Sleeping Beauty on Ice, 17 - 27 June
Disney Live! Winnie the Pooh and the Perfect Day, 16 - 20 June
Spirit of the Dance, 1-7 July
The Seekers, 9 July
Buena Vista, 11 July
UB40, 10 August
Brooke Fraser, 14 August
Elton Joel Tribute, 29 August
John Williamson, 2 October
Vienna Piano Trio, 4 October
Pan Pacific Barber Shop Convention, 28 - 31 October

National touring groups and resident user groups also present a range of international standard entertainment:

Chamber Music NZ, 15 May, 19 July, 31 July, 17 August, 4 Oct
Comedy Convoy, 22 May
Christchurch Symphony, 22 May, 5 & 26 June, 10 & 31July, 28 August, 11 Sept, 2 Oct
New Zealand Army Band, 30
May Rodger Fox, 2 June
NZ Choral federation, 11 June
Christchurch City Choir, 19 June, 14 August, 3 September
Canterbury Opera, 17 - 27 July, 19 - 30 Oct
Christchurch School of Music, 21 August
Christchurch Primary Schools Cultural Festival, 27 August
Secondary Schools Orchestra Festival, 31 August
Christchurch Town Hall Organist Martin Setchell, 3 October
Christchurch Schools Music Festival, 5 - 8 Oct


For more information please contact Cathy Hemsworth, Director Sales & Marketing, on phone or email