Andy Gibb, the new Executive Chef at Christchurch’s premier convention venue, brings a blast of freshness and enthusiasm as well as a sound background in catering for large numbers to the role. Trained in New Zealand by German and French chefs, he has had many years experience in New Zealand’s leading tourist hotel chains, complemented by time in London, California and Melbourne, which he considers the birthplace of Asia-Pacific food trends.


Andy comes to his new position directly from Jade Stadium where, at big match time, he was responsible for serving up to 5,000 meals to 64 corporate boxes to incredibly demanding time schedules.  With a team of 25 to 30 chefs and as many kitchen hands and runners, it was a case of moving meals from the main kitchen to the servery kitchens, upstairs and along passageways that were also used by crowds of fans attending the games.


“I see myself as a conductor,” Andy said “At Jade Stadium I learned about coordination and organisation, as well as refining my wages and food cost budgeting skills.” 


In his new role Andy is looking forward to preparing banquets and cocktail parties. “It’s a licence to be more adventurous.”  


He will be catering for up to 1,000 people sometimes twice a week. Metrewise, the kitchen is smaller than at Jade, but there is much more equipment and it is much easier to oversee and control the quality, he says.  Andy is passionate about New Zealand’s fresh seasonal produce and plans to make the most of that, as well as gradually adding his influence into the menus at the Christchurch Convention Centre, Christchurch Town Hall and The Westpac Centre.