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April news briefs from NCC (New Zealand) Ltd

CHRISTCHURCH: TRENZ 2005 will be in the Westpac Centre for Sport and Entertainment again next year, making it a back to back South Island hosted event for the who's who in the tourism product market.
TRENZ 2004 is being held 24 - 27 May. Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand (TRENZ) caters for global travel wholesalers. Cathy Hemsworth, Sales & Marketing Director at the Christchurch Convention Centre, said it is a fantastic opportunity for southern regions to sell their attractions, tourism products, venues, regional food and beverage, and services to the most influential national and international buyers New Zealand has the opportunity to host.

CHRISTCHURCH: Planning for MEETINGS 2004 is well underway. The 21-22 July event, being held at the Christchurch Convention Centre and other city venues, will showcase southern amenities and specialities to international buyers in the meetings industry. The host city organizing committee is chaired by Cathy Hemsworth, Sales & Marketing Director for venue manager NCC (NZ) Ltd.

CHRISTCHURCH: Major artwork secured after four years of fund raising
The people of Christchurch have a new major public artwork, held for all time by the Christchurch City Council, thanks to five years of fundraising by the Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA). 'Passport to the New Millennium' by Philip Trusttum, one of New Zealand's most recognised contemporary artists, is installed in Christchurch Convention Centre.
The 84 metre long work is displayed on the soaring north-western wall of the Convention Centre, where it is easily accessible for the general public as well as national and international convention goers to enjoy. A function to celebrate the occasion, attended by artist Philip Trusttum, was held at the Christchurch Convention Centre on 22 April 2004. "It's a magnificent artwork in all senses of the word: large in scale, rich in its iconography, and a genuinely joyful aesthetic experience. It was a real pleasure to work on securing funds for such a major public artwork," says CoCA Director Warren Feeney.

CHRISTCHURCH: Convention Centre and Town Hall significant places on the Christchurch Arts Trail 2004
The Christchurch Arts Trail gives local and visitors an easy guide to a walking discovery tour of high quality artistic activity.
The Christchurch Convention Centre features three Philip Trusttum paintings; Passport to the New Millennium and two 10 metre deep banners, Rev XX, 1-2 in the foyer and along the west wall.
Bing Dawe's metallic sculpture Bird Removing Foreign Object from Wing is suspended above the Reception counter. Port Hills by Sue Cooke is a large framed canvas, on long term loan from Christchurch Crowne Plaza, visible from the mezzanine floor.
At night, Blue by Bill Culbert, is a dramatic neon shape reflecting the Canterbury landscape of mountains, hills, plains and braided rivers.

It is particularly eye-catching at night, as it emerges from the building and seems to dance in space. The Christchurch Town Hall collection includes the four-sided mural Pat Hanley Rainbow Pieces painted for the 1972 opening. It is now considered an example of heritage art. The Turning Point 2000 Tapestry 2000, woven by Marilyn Rea- Menzies - with assistance from 2700 people- to a Philip Trusttum abstract design based on the word Christchurch, covers 15 sq metres. The building itself has a '25 Year Award' given in 2000 by the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

The Suffrage Tapestry was commissioned by the Christchurch City Council and unveiled to the public 19 November 1993, to celebrate 100 Years of Women's Suffrage in New Zealand. It was designed by Dunedin based Artist Di French and completed by the Canterbury Embroiderers Guild. It hangs in the Gallery Promenade. The Pegasus Panel in the Conference Room was stitched by a group of women, over two years, to a design by Colleen O'Connor.