Christchurch Convention Centre becomes a “hotspot”


Christchurch Convention Centre becomes a "hotspot". Convention goers can turn downtime into uptime using Telecom's wireless hotspot service, which is now available in Christchurch Convention Centre. The service enables users with Wi-Fi enabled laptops to go online, accessing the internet at broadband speeds. It's available to anyone with access to a Telecom WiFi account.

Alternatively, laptop users can use a Telecom wireless hotspot prepaid card or purchase a Telecom wireless hotspot online prepaid number, using a Visa or Mastercard credit card. The service is ideal for business people attending conferences as it allows fast speed online access for downloading files, answering emails and accessing business information without using a dial-up connection. Telecom says accessing a wireless hotspot can be up to 50 times faster than using a dial up connection.  "It's a service that the international business traveller has come to expect, so it's appropriate that the Christchurch Convention Centre was selected by Telecom as one of the first venues in the city to be a wireless hotspot, " says John Spensley, Sound Technician, Vbase Venue Management Group which manages the Christchurch Convention Centre.