NCC Board on Stairs

Left to Right


Board Member                        Mr James Keegan

Board Member                        Mr Mike Godber

Board Member                        Mr John Penny

NCC (NZ) Ltd President          Mr Rirksmai Sukhum


CEO NCC (NZ) Ltd     Mike Kelly

Board Member            Mr Cholakanta Boophaves

Executive Vice President NCC Management and Development       Mrs Vanida Tulalamba

Director of Finance     Mr Brent Ford 


This is a photo of the board of NCC (NZ) Ltd just before the sale of the 50% shareholding held by NCC Management and Development (Bangkok) to CCFL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Christchurch City Council. Addington Raceway Ltd retains its 50% shareholding. The Thai directors said they had loved working in Christchurch and would be looking for other future investment opportunities in New Zealand. Mrs Vanida Tulalamba said they had achieved everything they could have in the first ten years managing the new venues, and had been more successful than might have been predicted in bringing large global events to the city when it was so far from the more populous areas of the world.