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Christchurch and New Zealand offer Australian Associations a great value destination - but there are many other reasons to cross the Tasman to conference

Cathy Hemsworth, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Christchurch Convention Centre, has a strategy to increase the venue's market share of Australian Associations business - and the key is it is making it too good to refuse!

We regard Australia as being part of our domestic market, with just an ocean between us. There aren't any language or cultural barriers to cross but we do offer some exotic differences. We have sophisticated conference facilities in a boutique destination and that's reinforced by the feedback we get from our growing list of satisfied Australian clients.

Angela Beal of C I Events reports that conferences work extremely well in Christchurch. Delegates who stay at the adjoining Crowne Plaza especially enjoy the proximity (less than one minute) to the venue. "Everyone particularly enjoyed the dining options around the city, and the quality of New Zealand fare and wines!"

That's typical of the feedback we get from Australian Associations. That feedback gives us your six top reasons for choosing Christchurch to conference in.

Selling Christchurch is the first step we have to take to win Australian Association business. We're competing with Auckland and Wellington but the big point of difference we have is that our airport is 15 minutes from the CBD, we offer excellent value for money, and delegates can walk everywhere during the conference itself.

The Christchurch Convention Centre remains the country's only international standard purpose built conference facility, supported by excellent city infrastructure, and offering a wealth of experienced and world class technical and professional support as well as professional event coordination and venue management.

Sports rivalries apart, New Zealand has enjoyed a recent high profile on the back of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and the success of the government's 100% Pure international marketing campaign. These help promote New Zealand as a a family holiday destination, and that's a plus for conference organizers wanting to boost attendances.

We're small but we're also safe, secure, with a clean environment, cultural diversity and an incredible array of visitor attractions and activities. Just as each winter there's a flow of Kiwis seeking warmth in Queensland, there are seasonal flows of Aussies looking for our great snow, adventure, walking tracks, world class train journeys, food and wine trails, and unique visitor attractions.

I'm delighted that Christchurch has secured a foothold in the Australasian Association corporate meetings circuit. The success of two prestigious national trade shows in Christchurch, TRENZ 2004 and MEETINGS 2004, has given further proof to the depth and range of advantages and attractions we can offer.

My job is to develop our one-stop-shop promise to you, and to continue to exceed your expectations so you continue to conference in Christchurch.


For more information please contact Cathy at cathy.hemsworth or direct phone +