MEDIA RELEASE 28 October 2005


Management and marketing roles of city’s four premier venues combined


New positions being advertised next week



The new positions of Chief Executive Officer and Group Marketing Manager for Christchurch’s Convention Centre, Town Hall and Westpac Centre and for Jade Stadium are being advertised this weekend.


Vbase Venue Management Group, previously known as NCC (NZ) Ltd, manages the first three venues. Vbase is part owned by CCFL (Christchurch City Facilities Ltd) and Addington Raceway Ltd.  Jade Stadium is operated by Jade Stadium Ltd for shareholder, Christchurch City Council.


Bruce Irvine, who chairs both Vbase and Jade Stadium Ltd, sees the combining of management and marketing roles for the four venues as a strategic and significant step forward for Christchurch.


“This gives us an unrivalled mix of venues, able to cater up for up to 50,000 people. It makes Christchurch very attractive for business, sporting and entertainment events, concerts and conferences,” Mr Irvine said.


“We will also achieve cost efficiencies by bringing management and marketing under the same governance and that’s important in the globally competitive venue management industry. The scope of venues able to be marketed will attract major events to the city.”


Mr Irvine said the search for the new positions was about to start with advertisements next week, and he anticipated international interest in them.


“These positions offer considerable interest, challenge and satisfaction, and enormous opportunity at this stage of the company’s development. Business meetings, exhibitions, sports events and concert entertainment are all global industries. Christchurch has done well to establish an international footprint. The opportunity to manage and market the four venues will increase the benefits we can offer.”


Current CEO Mike Kelly will relocate to Bangkok at the end of the year. The marketing role has been vacant since 1 July.


Jade Stadium's Chief Executive, Dean McKenzie, is leaving in early 2006. The position of marketing manager for Jade Stadium is currently vacant.




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