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Mid-winter World Premiere for everyone's favourite bear!

Disney Live! Winnie the Pooh and the Perfect Day launches a new global brand of live family entertainment at the Westpac Centre in Christchurch, 16 - 20 June ahead of Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton, and a 162-city international tour.

Mike Kelly, Executive Director of NCC (New Zealand) Ltd said he'd been trying for more than five years to get a world premiere, and he was absolutely delighted to welcome such a universally popular characters as Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. "Having a world premiere for a show of this calibre certainly puts Christchurch on the world entertainment map," Mike said. "It's also significant that a live Disney experience has never been premiered outside USA ever before."

The multi-million dollar production has been two years in the making, and has a travelling cast and crew of 42 people. The entire set is 7.3 m high x 18.2 metres wide.

More than 80 costume pieces are looked after by the wardrobe ladies, who travel with their own washing machine and two dryers. The total weight of the front proscenium is more than 9000 kg. Each of the 11 trees used to portray the Hundred Acre Wood weight more than 1360 kg. There are more than 100 lighting fixtures, 42 moveavle lights, and it takes one hour per minute to programme the lights. There are more than 200 sound effects and the show uses 400 amps 3 phase - the equivalent of the electricity used to light up and run 24 average sized houses. The sound system needs 22,000 watts.

Disney Live! is owned by Feld Entertainment Inc, the world's largest producer of live family stage productions with more than 25 million a year attending one of their shows.