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The Sleeping Beauty on Ice Show

First ice floor at Christchurch Town Hall

The fist ice floor has been installed in the Christchurch Town Hall for "The Sleeping Beauty on Ice" at the James Hay Theatre, 16 - 27 June.

The rink, 15m x 13m is made of marine reinforced plywood and waterproof timber for the edging. A heavy-duty pool liner carries 15Km of pipe work, laid very precisely so the whole area is of the same surface quality. It took 34 hours from start to finish, when the final dressings were applied and the skates could take to the ice.

The temperature is kept at -15 C. The surface temperature is constantly monitored 24 hours a day. During show intervals and after each performance, the surface is scraped and resurfaced with hot water to keep it as smooth as possible.