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The Christchurch Town HallThe Christchurch Town Hall is the city's premier performing arts centre. Situated beside the River Avon in the very heart of Christchurch, the complex provides a magnificent setting for the performing arts and complements the Christchurch Convention Centre (which is attached by airbridge) with a number of versatile conference and meeting room facilities.

The Christchurch Town Hall was designed for the presentation of a wide range of activities including orchestral concerts and recitals, opera, ballet and dramatic productions, musical comedy, variety, folk, rock and jazz concerts, conventions and conferences.

The Town Hall Auditorium was primarily designed as a concert hall. The stage area of over 185.5 square metres can accommodate an orchestra of up to 130 players. The choir seating two metres above the stage level, rising behind the stage, can seat a 400 voice choir comfortably. Total seating capacity is 2,584.

The inner stall seating can be configured to requirements or the area cleared for exhibitions and gala dinners.

The James Hay Theatre has a fan shaped auditorium and proscenium arch with one upper gallery, leading from an internal foyer space. With a capacity of 1,006 it is best suited to live theatrical productions, intimate recitals and is ideal for conference plenary sessions.

Conference facilities complementing the Christchurch Convention Centre include the Limes Room, Cambridge Room and two Conference Rooms.

Boaters Restaurant has a capacity for 120 diners and is located on the ground floor of the complex, adjacent to the River Avon. The restaurant is operated as a public-private sector student training facility in conjunction with the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.

The Christchurch Town Hall is home to the Christchurch Symphony, Canterbury Opera, Christchurch Operatic Society and the Christchurch City Choir.

support services
Vbase Venue Management Group Limited's technical services and events staff possess the expertise to ensure your event will run smoothly.

Christchurch Town Hall audio visual and theatre services
State-of-the-art equipment is available to enhance your event. This can be customised to suit your special theatre and conference requirements.

The venue is fully equipped with an audio frequency induction loop to assist those with hearing difficulties.

A public address system throughout the complex is available.

The theatres of the performing arts complex have an international reputation for the clarity of the sound and quality of the acoustics.

Vbase Venue Management Group Limited's team of technicians will co-ordinate the lighting requirements for any event, from a gala dinner to a full scale theatrical musical production.

The complex's public areas, rest rooms, food and beverage facilities and telephones are designed to meet everyone's needs, including the physically challenged. Vbase Venue Management Group Limited staff are fully trained and willing to assist with any special requirements.

backstage facilities
The Auditorium has six change rooms with a capacity of up to twenty people each, an assembly area, cloakrooms and central rest rooms.

In the James Hay Theatre, male and femal chorus rooms cater for up to eighty people, with five additional rooms available for "Stars".

With on-site retail and catering services we can cover any event, from a cocktail function to a silver service gala banquet. Menus will be customised to suit, as requested.

For that extra special dining experience, product launch or gala ball, the team can arrange a themed event. From Phantom of the Opera to the Wild West, expertise comes to the fore to make every event a huge success. Props, table decorations and menus can be tailored to suit any theme...and there are over a hundred to select from.

86 Kilmore Street, Christchurch

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